Software Company for Tweaking Sales Performance

Small Business Spotlight: TinderBoxWho: Dustin Sapp, co-founderWhat: A web-based solution for marketing and sales teamsWhen: 2010Where: Indianapolis, IndianaHow: “We came up with TinderBox based on our own experiences running sales teams,” says co-founder and president Dustin Sapp. TinderBox is a web-based solution, Sapp says that “streamlines sales, from the presentation to the proposal to the contract. “It helps from the top of the sales funnel all the way through to transactions, helping teams collaborate on content and track what’s happening.” Sapp says the founders bootstrapped the company to revenue, and it’s received angel funding since then.Biggest challenge: Sapp says the biggest challenge has been getting companies to adopt a new way of handling sales efforts. “We’re challenging the way they do something,” says Sapp. One moment in time: “We’re proudest of our team. We’re a service-oriented company, and we like to hold our clients’ hands,” says Sapp. Best business advice: “If you’re growing a business, you either need to be building it, or delivering and selling it,” says Sapp. Most influential book: Sapp says Orson Scott Card’s “Ender’s Game” has been influential, in terms of its lessons on leadership.