Social media complements street marches against grand jury decisions in Garner, Brown deaths

Street protests aren't the only displays against grand jury decisions to forego charging white police officers in the deaths of two unarmed black men. Many Americans are expressing their frustration with the justice system on social media.

Two of the most-discussed social media conversations questioned the fairness of policing in the United States: #Crimingwhilewhite offers self-reported tales of white people committing crimes while police look the other way. #AliveWhileBlack has stories of harsh treatment black people received from police.

Topsy, a site that offers Twitter analytics, logged more than 300,000 uses of #Crimingwhilewhite in the past day, while #Alivewhileblack had hit almost 65,000.

#EricGarner and #ICantBreathe, references to victim Eric Garner and the last words he uttered while New York police wrestled him to the ground, were also trending.