Smart People Acting 'Dumb' at Work


Tweets of the Week: Thoughts on social media, marketing, Andrew Mason and, of course, the “sequester.”  And what if Ferris Buehler worked for Marissa Mayer?

@AmberCadabraThe trick is that many orgs know they need to do “social” stuff. Few know they need/want culture change.

@MyCustomerUse of personal data: are we happy to disclose our info if we know it'll be used to provide a better service the next time we engage?  

@CRMJenTwitter Ad success: Include a strong, tailored call to action. Make it easy! Reports & charts don't hurt, either

@wmrazekYou need to be prepared and willing to keep up with increased engagement when you launch a Twitter Ad campaign.

@ValaAfsharIt's dumb when smart people go out of their way to be difficult to work with.

@Wildaboutmusic#sequester? I don't even KNOW her!

@smoothsaleAs you build business, make certain all venues complement one another and support your core business.

@hippofloatThere’s a big difference between informing people of events & beating them over the head with endless promotion.

@malfletcherRanting is not the same as debating - an important lesson in the age of hyper-social-networking :)

@Biebert"I'm gonna quit #Facebook," said no smart marketing person ever.

@gracinginfinityWhen dealing with difficult people be clear, concrete, honest forthright. Listen closely, there might just be a useful clue

@HykenYou don’t want customers to stay with you just because it's easier. You want them to stay because they want to. Because you are that good!

@gitomerWhat's one customer worth? If you lose one, multiply one customer's annual #sales volume x 20 years! Wow!


In the event of a negative performance review, tell the boss you've been intentionally doing a poor job cuz compliments make u uncomfortable


New Movie Idea: "Ferris Buehler Works From Home"- Ferris works for Yahoo. Spends his day fooling @marissamayer into thinking he's sick.

@knealemann Many working from home today due to the storm. However, all@Yahoo employees are expected to report to their desk by 8:30.

@destraynor BREAKING: Yahoo! CEO Marissa Mayer has banned employees from taking phones to the restroom, for fear of remote working taking place there.

‏@ValaAfshar The most important job of management is to identify and reduce the gap between achievement vs full potential.

‏@smoothsale Should uncertainty exist about joining forces with a company, try to meet executives before you agree to maintain integrity.

@graywolf I hope there's a touchscreen app for google glasses

@eMarketer  This year, 60% of US social network users will come in via mobile phone

@dandinsmore  Just witnessed a mobile web app built in 20 minutes. Pretty cool stuff.

‏@charlesarthur Stats suggest “iWatch” is the new web catnip. That and “Google Glass”.@JenKirkman Sequest out. 

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