Small Business Tweet Fest Ahead of Election


After Tuesday’s heated debate, much of the talk on the campaign trail this week focused on taxes.  President Obama and Governor Romney sparred once again over tax rates and reform, and which candidate’s method would best spur job creation.

In support of his plans to reduce rates on top-income earners, with more than $250,000 annually, Romney said, “if you bring rates down, it makes it easier for small business to keep more of their capital and hire people. And for me this is about jobs.”

Meanwhile, President Obama said that he has cut taxes 18 times in his term, and that under his plan 97% of small business owners would not see a tax hike.

“I am ready to sign that bill right now. The only reason it’s not happening is because Governor Romney’s allies in Congress have held the 98% hostage because …. tax breaks for the top two percent.”

For this week’s campaign round up, took responses from our readers to each candidate’s proposals and debate performance.

On President Obama:


I haven't seen my tax cuts/////Small Business to Obama: Where Are Our '18 Tax Cuts?' | Fox Small Business Center http://fxn @fbsmallbiz


but he is regulating small biz to death!


I want to start a business of my own but not with Obama in Office. I think a lot of people are thinking that way.

On  Governor Romney:


Romney’s support for large corporations will kill small business


I dont have intrest or dividends nor children and i make far less than 200 grand, so what about my class @mittRomney


I hope Romney wins the election

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