Small Business Owner Wants Next President to Simplify Tax Code


To get a pulse of how small business owners will be voting in the election, BusinessNewsDaily spoke with several business owners to see which issues are most important to them and who they will be voting for on Election Day.  

Darrell DeVeaux is the president of HealthDetail, Inc., a company that provides cloud software and services for the healthcare industry. The company has less than five employees and is located in Atlanta.

BusinessNewsDaily: Which candidate will you vote for?

Darrell DeVeaux: I will most likely vote for Obama.

BND: What issues are most important to you as a business owner?

DD: Simplifying the tax code is big for me, not just lowering rates but simplifying.  It’s a lottery drawing each year to see how much I owe for federal taxes and the three states that I must file businesses taxes with.

BND: Do you believe that any president can help improve the economy?

DD: The President can help, but not to the extent made out in the press. (I feel) the president can put policies in place to encourage economic growth, but the President gets too much credit and blame for the overall economy in most cases.

BND: Do you think that either candidate has a real plan for improving things for your business?

DD: I do not necessarily believe it is their job to improve things for my business.  I think the truly small businesses do not spend as much time as the media makes it seem doing things like tax planning and incorporating that into our business operations.  Of course there are specific things that a candidate might end up doing to help one industry over another, such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) for our business which is definitely a plus since we service that industry.  There is always talk of lessening the 'red tape' which is an area that could help most any small business, including the pizza shop type businesses, but that’s most always more talk than action.

BND: What do you think of Obamacare and how does it affect your business?

DD: Since, we provide back office regulated in government cloud software and services for the healthcare industry, the ACA affects us through the introduction/mandate of technology solutions to certain parts of healthcare.  I think that the ACA is good in that it has put a big spotlight on changing healthcare in the US.

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