Small Biz Owner Posts Message to Liberals, Bruce Springsteen

A small business owner in Oregon says he’s “had enough” with liberals.

In a response to a video showing the abuse of a special-needs teenager by four suspects that was streamed on Facebook Live, Kevin Kerwin, owner of a computer repair store in a suburb of Portland, Ore., put a sign in the business’ front window.

“To all the ignorant liberals including Bruce Springsteen…The 4 people who kidnapped & tortured a disabled teenager just because he supports Donald Trump – Just shows everyone you are a party of complete morons. I’m embarrassed to call you Americans. Go straight to Hell where you belong. We’ve had it with you idiots,” the sign reads.

Kerwin appeared on the FOX Business Network's Risk & Reward program and explained his decision.

“When I saw that video of that kid being tortured, I got really mad,” he said, adding, “I just can’t seem to stay silent when they [liberals] do something against what I believe in and I put it [the sign] up in my window.”

He added: “I just wish that liberals would settle down [and] give Donald Trump a chance.”