Sling Media unveils 2 devices for out-of-home TV viewing, tries for in-home appeal

Sling Media is trying to become more relevant in the living room.

Sling's strength has been in so-called place shifting. Attached to the home cable box, the Slingbox device sends video to various phones, tablets and other devices. If you're on a work trip in Boston, you can still catch the local news in New York live on a SlingPlayer app.

Inside the home, though, the Slingbox hasn't been of much use. Sling is trying to change that with new software to recommend things to watch.

The SlingTV will retail for about $300 and comes out in August. Apps for phones and tablets will cost $15 each.

Meanwhile, Sling is making a cheaper, entry-level model for $150, starting July 20. Called Slingbox M1, this model lacks the new living-room guides.