Six Celebs Who Gained Cash When Losing Weight

Did you get $50 to hit the treadmill this morning? How much were you paid to choke down that bland rice cake instead of a candy bar? The answer, of course, is nada. We don't get paid to do what's right for our bodies. Luckily for many celebrities, they do.

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According to Jo Piazza, author of "Celebrity Inc.: How Famous People Make Money," celebrities who sign on to endorse a weight-loss regimen can instead become bloated on cash -- an average of about $33,000 per pound.* In total, it can mean up to $3 million to do what they should have done anyway: Lay off the cake.

"Today in Hollywood, weight loss has become yet another revenue stream that agents and managers know how to monetize," Piazza says. "They will advise clients to get fat simply to lose the weight."

It's enough to make you a little angry -- perhaps angry enough to eat an entire carton of cookie dough ice cream before hearing a familiar voice on TV telling you to step away from the spoon.

*We used this estimated amount to approximate how much some of the celebs would be making using this formula

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