Sisters Simplifying Immigration Law for Attorneys

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Small Business Spotlight: Virtual Immigration Office

Who: Sisters and co-founders Palavi Malik, 34, and Pankaj Malik, 42, @virtualimmigration

What: A service to help attorneys learn more about immigration law

Where: NYC

When: 2008

How: Pankaj is an immigration attorney  with 15 years of experience, and saw a need for this niche service, which is aimed exclusively at attorneys looking to start an immigration practice. The company is a membership-based model, and helps attorneys by teaching them the ins and outs of immigration law.

“We have paralegals, attorneys, and it helps them cut costs by reducing their staff,” Palavi said of her clients.

The company currently has 14 staff members.

Quote from the owner: “Pankaj was learning about immigration law and had to learn and teach herself—there are a lot of complexities in terms of immigration,” Palavi said.