Singapore March M1 Money Supply S$173.95 Billion Vs S$171.81 Billion in February

The Monetary Authority of Singapore on Friday released the following provisional money-supply data for March 2017:

March Year Earlier February

M1 S$173.95 Bln S$159.73 Bln S$171.81 Bln

M2 S$573.04 Bln S$533.04 Bln S$563.34 Bln

M3 S$584.74 Bln S$545.53 Bln S$574.97 Bln

M1 is currency in active circulation and demand deposits.

M2 includes M1 and quasimoney, defined as fixed and savings deposits as well as certificates of deposit.

M3 comprises M2 plus net deposits at nonbank institutions such as finance companies.

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April 27, 2017 22:27 ET (02:27 GMT)