Sheriff Clarke: There's No Sincerity Behind Obama's Words

In the wake of the Dallas police station shooting, one law enforcement official is upset with President Obama over his comments about police officers and race.

“I don’t believe there’s any sincerity behind the President’s words yesterday. He was popping off at the mouth again, exploiting the situation that happened one in Louisiana, one in Minnesota, exploiting it on the basis of race. He has no foundation for that. There’s no data or research that suggests or proves anything that he thinks in terms of disparity,” Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said on the FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria.

Sheriff Clarke also blamed President Obama for fueling rage and anger.

“That irresponsible rhetoric fuels this sort of thing. It fuels this rage and anger that already is bubbling inside people and they are looking to release that and they hear that dog whistle message out of the President every time he opens his mouth, every time one of these horrific incidents where a law enforcement officer unfortunately has to use force in the line of duty. He doesn’t allow the investigation to take place. But now I understand his comments and over in Poland he says, I want to wait until the facts emerge,’ – well that’s a first for him,” said Sheriff Clarke.