Sheriff Arpaio: Protesters Who Obstructed Trump’s Speech Were Jailed

Anti-Donald Trump protesters blocked traffic in both directions on a roadway in Arizona, near the town of Fountain Hills, where the GOP frontrunner held a rally on Saturday.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is in charge of law enforcement for the area, joined FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney and explained what happened to the demonstrators after they were arrested.

“Well, they probably were released on bond, what else is new,” Arpaio said. “I was there to also introduce Donald Trump like I’ve done several times before, and if they think they’re going to disrupt that rally, I got news for them—they tried and they’re in jail where they belong.”

The Sheriff, who has endorsed Trump for president, told Varney the candidate was only trying to utilize his constitutional rights.

"He’s just trying to exercise his First Amendment, trying to get the message out,” Arpaio said. “We had thousands and thousands and thousands of people waiting to see him. And you’ve got some people that want to disrupt that forum. I’ll tell you, they’re in jail. We have to do something about what’s happening to Trump. Everybody’s after him and that’s very sad.”