Sexual misconduct allegations: Dr. Drew blames narcissism


Dr. Drew on sexual misconduct allegations: Celebrities feel insulated from consequence

Dr. Drew breaks down the medical science behind the wave of recent sexual misconduct allegations against high-profile figures.

With the recent wave of sexual misconduct allegations hitting nearly every industry from Capitol Hill, to Hollywood, to Midtown Manhattan, addiction specialist Dr. Drew Pinsky says narcissism is to blame.

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On the heels of Al Franken resigning for the Senate and NBC’s firing of veteran anchor Matt Lauer, Dr. Drew claims that many of these alleged sexual predators share the same trait - narcissism.

“I wrote a book about narcissism, specifically in the entertainment industry and I saw this coming,” he said during an interview with FBN’s Kennedy. “...I started looking into it and really what I found is that celebrities, people in media have a high incidence of narcissism and high incidence of childhood trauma.”

Sexual misconduct allegations are not specific to celebrity status or power, but Dr. Drew says that high-profile figures often feel a type of superioority to others, which may cause them to act out.

“Once [people] arrive in this [celebrity], they have a sense of specialness, there may be some entitlement, they may feel insulated from consequences,” Dr. Drew says.

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In recent months, there has been the demise of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and allegations that forced the resignation of at least two members of Congress, but many believe this is just the beginning of more to come.

“Women have been absorbing, almost for four decades, this notion of female sexuality that is based on a 19-year-old male, and if they didn’t measure up to that they felt guilty and ashamed and they’ve been hurt by it, and now they’re angry and they should be,” he says. “So you’ve got sort of a perfect storm with these two phenomenon coming together.”

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