Serving up Tennis in the Streets of NYC with FOX News vs. FOX Business Network

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How do Maria Bartiromo’s, Sean Hannity's serves match up?

Former professional tennis player Tracy Austin gives the FOX & Friends and Mornings with Maria shows and FNC's Sean Hannity tips for improving their serve.

Two-time U.S. Open champion Tracy Austin joined the simulcast of FOX News’ FOX & Friends and the FOX Business Network’s ‘Mornings with Maria’ to offer serving tips as the shows go head to head on the tennis court.

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When FOX News’ Sean Hannity joined the match, FOX News’ Ainsley Earhardt pointed out that “his daughter is 25th in the country” in tennis.

Despite Hannity’s show airing later in the day he said that his day began early because “I’m actually involved in a movie and I’m doing my role today.  It’s called ‘Let There be Light’ [starring] Kevin Sorbo and it’s a really good movie.”

Hannity then explained what he meant by “involved” in the movie by adding, “It means I’m financing the movie and I’m in it.”

Then things got serious on the tennis court, FOX News’ Brian Kilmeade said, “We’ve got to have the business channel take on FOX News and the two studs, Pete Hegseth, the college hoops player, and Sean Hannity are going to represent FOX News.”

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And they took on Maria Bartiromo and Lauren Simonetti from the FOX Business Network.

Austin coached Bartiromo saying “Just toss it up nice and gently and hit the heck out of it like you’re mad at somebody.”

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