Sending Work E-mails From the Shower? Proud Of Yourselves?

No I’m not that proud.  And I don’t send emails from the shower either.  These and other great tweets caught my attention this week.

@nickbilton Love that Google has figured out how to map oceans, while Apple is still trying figure how to get you to the corner deli.

@DaveKerpen LinkedIn just gets better and better. "Endorsements" will be huge. I'm buying stock.

@milguy23The questions r not: "How do I do social media?" or "How do I do Twitter?" The question is: What does my customer need/want/desire?


Diamonds are forever. Also, the Internet and cockroaches.@LeadingGuru Trying to have find creative idea while sitting at your desk is like trying to send e mails while you're having a shower!

@ToniaTomlin Plan your day or someone else will plan your day for you!@DarrenHudachDo you know what you plan on accomplishing tomorrow? If you don't have a plan, you won't achieve it.

@MarkOOakesOne of the best time management tools I know... Learning when to say "No".

@dharmesh A Committee is the most effective and reliable mechanism for making mediocre decisions ever invented.

‏@JimPethokoukis Trying to work up a righteous, populist rage over a guy giving 30% to charity .... wait for it ... nope, I got nothing

@wesbury It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending. It's the spending, stupid.


I know everyone's freaked out about the whole Europe situation this morning, but calm down - a soothing speech from Ahmedinejad coming up@UberFacts

If the entire population of China walked past you in single file, the line would take close to 100 years to pass you.

@VTwinFitnessOver 80% of all Pinterest users are women. Who makes most buying decisions in a household?

@LisaBarone Adults will spend $200m on their own Halloween costumes this yr. $100m on kid costumes. Proud of yourselves?

@HarveyMackayEveryone has training sessions these days. No one seems to have a clue as to whether the trainees have learned anything or not.

@KnowledgeBishopBrands must be equipped to manage customer inquiries around the clock.@LeadTodayGreat salespeople listen 80% of the time and talk only 20% of the time.

@smoothsale  Ask clients and prospects alike if money were no object which challenges would they like to overcome.

@michaelianblack Pretty much the only place I want to be is home and the only thing I want to be doing is nothing.@ValaAfshar Customer feedback is a gift. Accept graciously, unwrap enthusiastically, and share with your team frequently.

@HykenPeople say first impression's important. I'd say equally important is last impression. The last impression's a lasting impression!

‏@Ruth_A_Buzzi There's no credible evidence anywhere in the universe that life was meant to be taken too seriously.