Sen. Barrasso: ISIS is No JV Team

With the latest terrorist act ripping through Istanbul’s busiest airport, Wyoming Senator John Barrasso says the U.S. needs a better strategy to battle terrorism on the home front and overseas.

“First you need a strategy to go after them [ISIS] and for two years Barack Obama has failed to come up with that strategy and bring it to Congress. [Obama] has called them a JV team. He has underestimated them all the way through. That is the problem,” he told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney.

He also disagreed with Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments over ISIS’ desperation over losing.

“If they have a safe-haven, which they have now, it’s an area to train others… attract others and when you see what happened yesterday in Istanbul -- that is something that the terrorists actually see as a success and it acts as a recruiting tool,” he said.