Self-Driving Big Rigs Could Become Reality

Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL), Toyota (NYSE:TM) and Uber are betting that self-driving technology will someday take over the driver’s seat. One startup says 18-wheelers can have it too.

Otto Co-Founder and former Google Product Lead Lior Ron told the FOX Business Network’s Neil Cavuto it all started when he got together with a group of self-driving experts who created technology that allows drivers to become co-pilots.

“You can think about it [as a] self-driving kit that we can equip or retro fit on any truck driving on the road. It sensors, it compute powers [and] basically allows it to self-drive and sort of elevate the driver to maybe a co-pilot and drive much safer in the very mundane, very long stretches of hours that he needs to drive on the road,” he said.

The product also has the ability to map the highway system and detect changes in the road.

While the product can function without any human assistance, its purpose is to make the driver’s job easier and safer.