Sculley: Apple Will ‘Reinvent Television’

Former Apple CEO (NASDAQ:AAPL) John Sculley predicted that Apple will “reinvent television,” in an interview with

Talking about Apple’s anticipated cable television alternative, Sculley said that “no company in the world is better placed to be able to go in and reinvent an industry like television.” He predicted that Apple will offer “unbundled, a la carte” content.

“People are dying to get a better customer experience” than the current cable television options, Sculley added. He believes that Apple already has the technology capability and that its delayed release stems from the negotiation of broadcasting agreements. “No company is in a better position to do it right than Apple,” he reiterated.

Sculley is also optimistic about the Apple Pay mobile payment system. It is a “great, long-term bet for Apple, but it’s very very complex to go in and change that whole retail system of how people pay.”

He is not ready to buy an Apple Watch, however. “I have every Apple product except, I don’t have an Apple Watch. I haven’t yet figured out why I would want an Apple Watch.”

He also spoke of his new smartphone business that he co-founded, Obi Worldphone. The company unveiled two new phones this week.

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