Saudi Arabia becomes first nation to grant citizenship to humanoid robot

Saudi Arabia became the first country in the world to offer citizenship to a humanoid robot, but Brad Keywell, CEO of Uptake, a predictive analytics technology company, told FOX Business on Thursday artificial intelligence (AI) will not replace humans anytime soon.

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“Humans are made super-human through the intelligence that can be derived from these sensors and there is a clear argument that’s made about the possibility that there will be no humans, there’d be just autonomous everything… but this is something that has historically involved humans and I just don’t see that changing,” he told Maria Bartiromo on “Mornings with Maria.”

Uptake’s products are used in a collection of industries ranging from energy to aviation, helping “people and machines work better and faster,” according to the company website.

In Keywell’s opinion, artificial technology will play a role in enhancing people’s skills.

“I do see humans and the part of these industries, elevating their skills. I do see technology like we make at Uptake making them even better at what they do. And I also see a new philosophy that there’s going to be winners and losers,” he said.

Keywell, who founded numerous companies including Groupon, predicts AI will play a key role in the emerging industrial revolution.

“The fourth industrial revolution is about unleashing, not just people’s best, but the best of what data and the machines around us can tell us to make people even better and so this is core to what’s happening in technology,” he said.