Sanders’ Grassroots Campaign Grows with ‘Beer for Bernie’

Bernie Sanders’ “political revolution” went into full force on Tuesday night with the first Democratic primary debate in Las Vegas, Nevada. Thousands of supporters across the country gathered at events like the “Beer for Bernie” debate watch party at Slattery’s Midtown Pub in New York City.

Paul Hennessee, a “Beer for Bernie” attendee, has been heavily involved with Sanders’ volunteer grassroots efforts. Hennessee says his honesty and consistency on issues is what makes Bernie the perfect presidential candidate.

“He is speaking from his heart. He is not preparing exact responses, he is really talking about the issues that people want to hear about,” said Hennessee.

Bernie Sanders took his campaign issues from the rally stage to the main stage with his first national debate. Many of his supporters say it’s his “anti- politician” tone that is bringing people of all ages together, like 21-year-old Mara McGuinness. She says Bernie Sanders is speaking to the issues that matter to her most, like social justice.

“There is something about his energy and I have said it before, he is a person not a politician and that resonates with people especially young people who are just sick of this country where we don’t have a voice in politics, and I think Bernie brings that voice especially to liberal people,” said McGuinness.

She says when it comes to concerns about Bernie’s age, it’s not even a factor.

“Honestly he seems immortal to me he has been around since the 60s and the Civil Rights Movements,” said  McGuinness. “He is someone, and this may sound ridiculous, who transcends age and he fights for this and I can see him surviving the first term. I could see it.”

Millennials like Danielle Beckermit say Bernie Sanders’ key issues including bringing jobs back to America and closing the gap between the haves and have nots resonate with them.

“I think he is a forerunner, he is a great guy and he wants change and he is not looking out for his own interests but the interests of the people who really need it right now,” said Beckermit, who is a Bernie supporter and volunteer.

While Bernie backers know he has stiff competition from Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, many have high hopes that his message of truth will rise above the political rhetoric.

“I really think that with what Bernie Sanders has said his ideas and what he stands for it really puts me in a situation how I really want to see the future and it’s exciting!” said Juan Sanchez, grassroots volunteer for Bernie Sanders.

“I have never been so involved in my life and to be excited to be this involved and to feel like my vote is important,” said Beckermit.