Samsung starts sales of $90 smartphone based on its Tizen software in India

Samsung Electronics Co. has started selling a $90 smartphone in India that runs on the company's Tizen software rather than Google's Android.

The Samsung Z1 went on sale in India on Wednesday for 5,700 rupees ($92). The model was unveiled in June but its launch was postponed.

With the Tizen operating system, Samsung is trying to lessen its dependence on Android software.

Samsung earlier this month said its Internet-connected televisions will use Tizen from this year, allowing the TVs to easily synchronize with Tizen mobile devices.

The Z1 has a 4-inch display and 3.1 million megapixel camera. It is powered by a 1.2 gigahertz dual-core processor

Analysts believe Samsung will mainly use the Tizen OS in low-end smartphones for developing nations.