Safe Cig CEO Speaks Out on World No Tobacco Day

Tuesday marked the 24th annual World No Tobacco Day sponsored by the World Health Organization. On that same day, one company encouraged smokers to light up—electronically.

The Safe Cig, maker of an electronic cigarette, used the occasion to reach out to regulators and consumers alike, spreading the message that their product is a safer alternative to smoking. The company took out a full-page ad in the New York Times calling on the WHO and the Food and Drug Administration to get behind its product.

The FDA has been battling to regulate E-Cigs, first attempting to block them from being sold and now wanting to apply cigarette regulations to them, FBN's Dennis Kneale reported.

Those who are anti-tobacco feel the product is "scandalous" Kneale reported, because it is similar in appearance to a cigarette, and those in the tobacco industry see it as competition.

John Cameron, CEO of The Safe Cig, said the public has major misconceptions about E-Cigs. The E-Cig has a nicotine delivery system that gives the smoker a controlled amount of nicotine to inhale.

"It boils down to a battery and some vaporizing fluid," Cameron said. "There are six million lives on the line— ultimately we have to talk about this."

Cameron said he would like to see an independent commission established to investigate the validity and safety of his product and hopefully that would give the FDA and WHO the push needed to endorse it.

FOX News Legal Analyst Kimbery Guilfoyle said she believes the court system will get involved before the FDA decides whether or not to endorse the product.

"The FDA rarely moves quickly, even in the face of a good idea," Guilfoyle said. "Here, this is something that could be live-saving. It will have its day in court, and prevail, is my prediction."