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Food And Drug Administration

Electronic cigarettes on the rise among high school students

Logic Technology President Miguel Martin on electronic cigarette sales and preventing underage smoking.

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  1. The latest drugs being tested to fight melanoma

    Array BioPharma CEO Ron Squarer on the latest treatments tested in the pharmaceutical industry to battle cancer.

  2. FDA approves two genetically modified foods

    Author Deirdre Imus and FNC’s Lis Wiehl discus genetically-modified foods, and childhood obesity in the U.S.

  3. Boston Scientific CEO on new device, growth

    Boston Scientific CEO Mike Mahoney discusses bringing its Watchman device, which helps control strokes, to market and what’s powering the company’s growth.

  4. Global use of antibiotics on farm animals on the rise?’s Phil Lempert on the concerns caused by increased antibiotic use in farm animals and genetically modified organisms winning the FDA ’s approval.

  5. New exoskeleton technology targeting the construction industry

    Ekso Bionics co-founders Nathan Harding and Russ Angold on how the company’s exoskeleton can assist people with disabilities as well as benefit the construction and industrial industry.

  6. What the Tech: Musk says Human-driven cars may be illegal?

    Tech Trends Watcher Jess Kimball on Elon Musk suggesting human drivers may be illegal, drone safety and Google’s plan to fly an 84-foot wind turbine.

  7. Exoskeleton technology going mainstream?

    ReWalk CEO Larry Jasinski discusses the company’s exoskeleton technology and how the product may be used in the future.

  8. EPA proposes tougher ozone rules

    Rep. Bill Johnson, (R-OH), discusses the EPA’s imposed new ozone rules.

  9. How the Fed will impacts investor sentiment

    KPMG Global Chairman John Veihmeyer and Haverford Trust CIO Hank Smith discuss how the Fed impacts CAPEX and investing.

  10. Heart disease risk cut in half with new drugs?

    Fox News Medical A-Team’s Dr. Marc Siegel discusses reports about new drugs that have the potential to reduce the risk of heart disease.

  11. Is powdered alcohol safe?

    Dr. Manny Alvarez breaks down what you need to know about powdered alcohol.

  12. Powdered alcohol approved for sale?

    Fox News Medical A Team’s Dr. Marc Siegel on the government’s approval of powdered alcohol, and a dog that can sniff out Thyroid cancer.

  1. Restaurants must now list calorie counts for booze

    New FDA rules require restaurants to publish calorie counts for alcohol. FNC’s Adam Housely with more.

  2. Digital device helps heal joints

    Willow Curve CEO David Sutton says he has created a device that can be used as an alternative to surgery and medication to reduce joint pain.

  3. The best diets

    Dr. Kelly Powers of Stamford Medicine discusses salt intake and the best weight loss programs.

  4. Lumber Liquidators saga continues

    FBN’S Charlie Gasparino argues Lumber Liquidators is less likely to file a libel suit against ‘60 Minutes’ and Whitney

  5. A pill that can catch colon cancer with 3D imaging

    Check-Cap CEO Guy Neev on how the company’s ingestible imaging pill can help screen for colon cancer.

  6. Drugmakers under fire over off-label marketing

    FBN’s Liz MacDonald says Public Citizen is urging the FDA to pull ads for five type-2 diabetes drugs over unapproved claims and off-label marketing.

  7. Polio virus being used to fight cancer?

    New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Dr. Mitchell Gaynor on testing the polio virus as a potential cancer treatment.

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