Rubio Sounds Off On Chris Christie; Christie Fires Back

Republican Presidential Candidate and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio says some of rival GOP candidate Gov. Chris Christie’s past actions are similar to the Obama Administration’s agenda.

“Chris Christie has supported Common Core, and in fact has badmouthed Republicans that oppose it. Chris Christie has supported gun control. Chris Christie supported an assault weapons ban. It’s the reason why he got into politics to begin with.”

Rubio added, “Chris Christie personally contributed to Planned Parenthood. I just don’t think this country can afford to elect a president that will not stand up and undo the damage Barack Obama has done to this country. This is an issue-based disagreement, it’s not personal. But it’s significant, it’s important in this election. We can’t get this election wrong."

The Florida Senator responded to Christie’s criticism of his voting record.

“I’m running for President so we can have a President that undoes the damage Barack Obama is doing to America. And that will require me often times to have to not be in Washington because I’m out there campaigning to win.”

Rubio also stated he would focus on the safety and security of the U.S. if he were to become President.

“When I am President I will rebuild the military, we’re going to have a real war on terror, we’re going to start sending terrorists back to Guantanamo so we can interrogate them, and we will defeat ISIS.”

Late Thursday evening, Christie Spokeswoman Samantha Smith responded to with the following statement:

"This is the difference between a senator and an executive. While Senator Rubio has no doubt given some nice speeches on these issues, Governor Christie has vetoed Planned Parenthood funding, ended Common Core in New Jersey, and protected the rights of gun owners."