Royal Caribbean's Snapchat spectacles let divers share underwater experiences

Royal Caribbean Cruises CEO Richard Fain joined FOX Business Network Wednesday to discuss the launch of the new ‘Celebrity Edge’ cruise line, as well as new ‘Snapchat spectacles’ that will transform how divers can share underwater images.

Each ship costs $1 billion, and is designed with virtual reality technologies that give engineers a 3D model to fully design not only the layout, but the elegant feel of each deck and room.

“For decades we have designed ships using two dimensional technologies, we look at pieces of paper and maybe once in a while we make a model. And for this we created what we call an ‘innovation lab,’ and it has virtual reality so we can actually walk into a space, we can feel it, and as a result we can make it so much more exciting, so much more elegant, so much more functional feeling good because you can actually walk aboard,” Fain said.

One of the new innovative amenities is a glass deck called the “magic carpet,” which hangs over the ship and gives guests “more connectivity to the sea.”

In addition, the Snapchat spectacles will target millennials and encourage them to share their underwater experiences on a virtual platform.

“Our preference scores amongst millennials are off the charts. You know people think of cruising as being for older people, and yet what’s really happened is it’s the family market, it’s the younger people who are learning what is so special about cruising,” he said.

Royal Caribbean Cruises is not the only company expanding its luxury cruise line. Ritz-Carlton is also developing its own brand of luxury cruise ships, indicating a growing demand for a more innovative and elegant cruise experience.

“I’ve been in this job for 29 years and I’ve never seen a market that is as buoyant, as euphoric, where the customer is just so happy to be coming with us,” he said. “[Consumers] want an experience, they’re collecting memories, and the cruise offers an opportunity to collect memories like you’ve never seen before.”