Royal Caribbean Not Concerned About Terrorism's Impact

When it comes to the impact of terrorism on the travel industry, Royal Caribbean (NYSE:RCL) President Adam Goldstein doesn’t seem too concerned. Although Royal Caribbean recently made the decision to cancel a port call in Bali, Goldstein says most places in the world are very safe.

“We are calling on about 500 ports around the world annually and we make judgments about the information that we're receiving and occasionally… we decide based on what we know that it would not be in the best interest of the line or the guests to go to a place,” he said during an interview on Mornings with Maria.

Shares in airlines and other travel companies declined Tuesday after the Brussels attacks, but Goldstein said people still want to vacation.

“We might see some impact from the people living in the environment of Northern Europe but I think we saw that briefly after the Paris attacks unfortunately,” he said.

Goldstein said business continues to get better.