Rise of the Drones: The Future Is Here


Check out these highlights from Countdown to the Closing Bell with Liz Claman’s “Rise of the Drones” series. Countdown profiled unmanned aircraft companies in the huge-growth space. The industry estimates that spending on drones could reach nearly $100 billion in just the next decade, and create more than 100,000 jobs.

1. Drones can create more than 100k jobs?

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Colin Guinn, senior vice president of 3D Robotics, on the future of drones.

2. Aerovironment’s drones leading the industry

Tim Conver, Aerovironment CEO, on his company’s new drones.

3. The smart paper airplane

Earnest Earon Precision Hawk president and co-founder discusses his drones.

4. Rise of the Drones: The naval drone?

Textron Systems CEO and President Ellen Lord explains the new naval drone the company is producing for the U.S. military.

5. The $200,000 do-it-yourself drone

Aeryon Labs CEO Dave Kroetsch on the company’s small unmanned aerial systems made for civilian, police and military applications.

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