Rick Perry: Going After Trump May Not Be Over With

During a press conference at his campaign headquarters, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump trashed the latest poll numbers of his opponent, former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

In an interview on the FOX Business Network’s The Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, Perry downplayed Trump’s remarks.

“We’ve got a snapshot in time of what the polls are right now,” he said. “In 2007, for almost a year, Rudy Giuliani led in those polls and by the time South Carolina got through voting, he wasn’t a viable candidate.”

Perry added, “there are 17 legitimate candidates that are going to talk about the issues. Casting aspersion and what have you, is one way to do that. I’m more interested in talking about the issues that are important.”

Trump also revealed he had signed the GOP loyalty pledge to support the Republican nominee running for president in 2016. Perry told Trish Regan he isn’t certain the GOP will benefit from Trump’s action.

“I don’t know whether it helps the party or not,” Perry said. “It helps him [Trump], I think, because people are looking for somebody that will be consistent, and if you’re going to run as a Republican you need to be consistent with conservative values.”