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I’ll never forget the story my Mother told me about looking for work after retirement. She loves to read (she’s had a book in her hand all of her life) so it seemed reasonable to apply for a part-time “perfect for a retired person” job at the library.

However, when she arrived there were people of all ages looking for work, and Mom didn’t get the job. There were so many applicants for jobs at the library, they had three different shifts of interviews!

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Sadly, most of you know the feeling. With unemployment still stubbornly high in 2012, it’s not uncommon to show up for a job fair and see a line that wraps around the corner. But what if you are just looking for part-time work, something to keep you busy, and give you a little fun money on the side?

Here are some ideas:

Pet Care:  The pet industry is booming, and a large chunk of small businesses that have opened in this space within the last year are having trouble finding qualified workers. The pay isn’t substantial enough for younger workers to emotionally commit to, and caring for animals takes a degree of patience that the older generation can provide. Grooming, boarding, walking, and selling pet supplies is not only great part time work, if you love animals, you’ll be doing something that feels good.

Health Care: I’ve never seen such a shortage of workers in the health care industry, and if you are recently retired, feeling good, energetic, and don’t have elder parents you are caring for, this is a great field to explore. In home health services that do not require a license are becoming more available.  Companies like Senior Helpers are franchise businesses that provide all types of care. The elderly need helps with bills, groceries, cleaning, and errands. You are paid a decent wage, the hours are flexible, and you could actually learn a bit about what the next years of your own life are going to look like.

The Travel Industry:  Whether it’s hotels, golf resorts, spas, or the airport, there are jobs out there that can pay a decent amount of money, and the benefits can be great. Especially in warmer climates like Florida, Arizona, and California, where many are apt to retire anyway, why not have a little fun and make some new friends? Can you drive a golf cart? Can you give property tours? Can you serve wine at tastings? Being retired is a vacation, why not vacation a little and get paid?

Retail: This may be appealing for some but not for all, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t recommend this industry as worth a look. The fact is there is so much turnover in the retail business, and with the baby boom population (you) becoming the consumer for American companies to target, there is opportunity there.

Remember the famous Wal-Mart (NYSE:WMT) greeters? Sadly, the company has done away with those positions, but those folks were absolutely past their prime, and they seemed happy. You will have to be picky about where you take these types of jobs, and remember what your physical limitations are. But say you enjoy a round of golf? How about applying at Golfsmith? You like wine and cheese?  Dean and Deluca can be an interesting place to work. These jobs are going to be physically demanding, but I always hear from our FOX medical experts that keeping your body fit as you get older has numerous health benefits. Why not give it a try?

I’ll revisit this topic again, and get more specific, but this list should at least get you thinking.

Happy Hunting!