Restaurateur: The Best Advice Is to Own Your Building

Small Business Spotlight: A Toute Heure and 100 Steps Raw Bar, @localrootscranfWho: Andrea CarbineWhat: Bistros with a focus on seasonal ingredientsWhen: 2007Where: Cranford, NJHow: Restaurateur Andrea Carbine opened A Toute Heure in 2007 and 100 Steps Raw Bar this year. “It’s directly across the street from A Toute Heure, and we wanted it to complement the restaurant in the neighborhood where my husband and I are from,” says Carbine, who had had seven years of professional experience as a chef before opening her own restaurant. Both restaurants are focused on highlighting local food and seasonal ingredients.Biggest challenge: “I think the biggest challenges are going to be finding that balance between running restaurants, keeping employees happy and keeping customers happy. It’s a juggling act from a businessperson’s perspective, because you are catering to two audiences,” says Carbine.One moment in time: Carbine is proudest of her restaurants’ hospitality. “The hospitality we offer is exceptional, and I’m extremely proud of the commitment we have to supporting our local community and farmers,” she says.Best business advice:  “Own your own building – it makes running the business much easier,” says Carbine.