Report on Clinton Foundation Alleges Financial Discrepancies

A financial analyst and whistleblower is alleging there are discrepancies with the Clinton Foundation’s finances.

Charles Ortel, known for his financial analysis work with General Electric (NYSE:GE), discussed his report on the Clinton Foundation’s finances on the FOX Business Network’s “After the Bell.”

“I took the big donors, the big governments, the big foundations and I looked through their filings and compared them – what they said they gave to the Clinton Foundation with what the Clinton Foundation says it receives in press releases and in other disclosures—and there are massive discrepancies,” he told Fox Business’ Melissa Francis.

Ortel talked about the legality of the foundation’s actions.

“When you have a charity and you’re soliciting in states, in foreign countries you absolutely have to file truthful disclosures,” Ortel said. “You can’t slough it off on accountants and executives. The trustees are responsible for doing that. And the IRS and the tax authorities don’t trust you. They require you to get audits. The Clinton Foundation – no part of it – has ever gotten a compliant audit since inception – October 23, 1997.”

The financial analyst and whistleblower, whose report on the filings took 15 months to complete, discussed the charitable status of the organization.

“There is no evidence that the Clinton Foundation was ever approved to be anything other than a library and research facility in Little Rock.”