Report: Barnes & Noble Says Nooks Will be Delivered by Christmas

Shoppers who ordered Barnes & Noble Inc’s (BKS) new electronic reading device, the Nook, will receive the device by Christmas, according to reports.

The company had said last week that shoppers who ordered and were given a pre-holiday shipping date for the e-reader, which competes with’s Kindle, would receive an online gift certificate worth $100 if the company didn’t deliver their Nook by Christmas.

Now the company says it will be shipping all of its devices out on time, according to

"We're pleased to tell our customers today that we're shipping out all our orders in time," a spokeswoman from the company told the Journal.

The company would not comment on how many Nooks will ship by Christmas Eve, the paper said.

Shares of Barnes & Noble rose 9 cents or 0.47% to close at $19.12 on Wednesday.