Red Flags When Hiring for Startups

There are certain actions that should serve as red flags during the hiring process. Tardiness, rudeness and sloppy attire can be deal breakers before the interview even begins. You don’t want to settle when it comes to selecting the people who will represent your company. Hiring the right crew is especially important for a startup company. Here are some red flags to look out for if you are hiring for a startup:Lack of interestYou should get the word out about your startup before you begin the hiring process. Create a buzz about your new company. Include information about the company’s purpose in the job listing. If the candidate comes for an interview and does not remember why kind of company it is, he or she may not be serious about the position. If there is information regarding you startup easily available, an enthusiastic candidate will find it. Also watch out for flowery answers that don’t address the question that you asked. This is another sign of an ill-prepared interviewee.

Doesn’t play nice with othersThere is no “I” in startup. Teamwork is key, so you don’t want to hire someone who would rather work independently. Listen for mentions of teamwork experience, or the desire to become part of a team. See how he or she talks about previous employers and the work completed at those jobs. Continuous complaints about the candidate’s old job can tarnish the appeal of his or her resume. Someone who dumps buckets of blame on everyone but him or herself is not a team player, and you want your employees to work well together. Also pay attention to the way the candidate treats every person he or she comes into contact with. This speaks volumes about a person’s character.Excessive job hoppingEmployers look for previous job experience in candidates, but quality over quantity is the way to go here. A red flag should shoot up when you see someone who has worked at three places over the last two months. Long, inexplicable gaps in employment should also cause you to raise an eyebrow.Bad referencesOr no references at all. His or her performance at prior jobs paints a good picture of how the candidate will approach working for your company. If they were always late, did not meet deadline or slacked off, who is to say they won’t do the same at this job? Also exercise caution if the candidate does not have any contact information on his or her resume.

Skeletons in the closetNeedless to say, information dug up in the background check can be a major red flag. Also verify the validity of the material presented in the cover letter and resume. If something seems too sensational to be true, especially something that did not come up in the interview, do some detective work. You do not want to hire someone whose ethics and values do not line up with those of your business. After you interview someone, check out their social media profiles and online presence. This will give you a more complete picture of the candidate and his or her interests.