Rand Paul: Trump Is Not a True Conservative

In an interview on the Intelligence Report with Trish Regan, 2016 presidential candidate and Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said he doesn’t believe his opponent, Donald Trump, is a true conservative.

“He [Trump] supported President Obama’s ObamaCare-the concept of it,” Paul said. “He supported the government stimulus. He supported higher taxes in the past, and I think still does support higher taxes. The thing I think really disqualifies him from being considered as a conservative is that he supports the government use of eminent domain to take property from a small property owner and give it to big corporations like himself. I think that’s inconsistent with any theory or notion of limited government.”

Paul added, “I think there’s a problem with him being the Republican standard bearer, if he were to be so, because he’s been supporting Democrats most of his life. In fact, he’s been a Democrat most of his life. So no, I don’t think he’s a true conservative. In many ways, I think it’s an act.”

The Kentucky Senator called Trump an “insider” and said he doesn’t agree with Trump’s views.

“He’s [Trump] the guy who buys influence with both parties,” Paul said. “He’s been a supporter and has tried to buy influence with the Clintons. He’s been a supporter and bought influence with Harry Reid, Charlie Rangel, with a host of people really on the far left of the Democrat party… everything Donald Trump is about is what I ran against and what the Tea Party was opposed to.”

On Trump’s tax plan, Paul said he is still skeptical.

“There’re still some real questions. Is his tax plan going to cut taxes or raise taxes?”