Queen Rania of Jordan Says We Can Defeat ISIS Together

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, Queen Consort of Jordan Rania Al-Abdullah discussed how to defeat ISIS.

“I think to confront them [ISIS], we have to identify the enemy and the enemies are the extremists, they are the collective enemy. But that’s not what they want us to think. They want to pit the West against Islam, and Muslims against the rest of the world because for them, the more the world is divided, the more there’s a chasm and a distance between us, the more space they have to maneuver and the more ground they gain,” she said.

Queen Rania believes they can be defeated through a collective effort.

“I think we need to redraw the battle lines and understand that this is a battle amongst all of us: Christians, Muslims, and Jews, against the extremists. All of us moderates who are fighting for our way of life and our values against a group of people,” she said.

In addition to military action, Her Majesty believes we have to confront them in every which way.

“Although we need to confront them very aggressively, militarily in the battlefield, this is also an ideological war and you can’t kill an idea with a bullet -- the only way you can kill an idea is to propose a better one.”

She also reiterated the importance of education as a deterrent to vulnerability to recruitment within the young community.

“These groups, they exploit hopelessness they live off desperation and division and we can’t give them that."