Queen Elizabeth is hiring a social media manager — here's how much it pays

If you're a fan of the British royal family, then you may want to consider applying to be Queen Elizabeth II's social media manager.

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The coveted job — formally listed as a "digital communications officer" — is described as a permanent position that will clock less than 40 hours per week. And the added bonus: it's located inside the extravagant Buckingham Palace.

It pays around £30,000 (or $33,495 USD) a year, though that sum varies depending on experience.

Applicants must have a background in digital communications, specifically with managing websites and creating social media content.

"Abreast of the latest digital communication developments, you'll put forward and support new ideas to increase our presence on social platforms. Innovative and with creative flair, you'll also have accurate and compelling written and editorial skills, with expertise in designing digital content for different audience groups, purpose and formats," the Royal Household explains in a job posting online.

Photography and video editing skills are also a plus — especially as you continue to populate the royal family's Instagram account.

According to Refinery29, Queen Elizabeth used her iPad to make her first-ever Instagram post this year. During a trip to London's Science Museum in March, Her Majesty discovered a letter from the Royal Archives, written in 1843 from her great-great-grandfather Prince Albert.

"In the letter, Babbage told Queen Victoria and Prince Albert about his invention the 'Analytical Engine' upon which the first computer programmes were created by Ada Lovelace, a daughter of Lord Byron," the queen explained in the post, noting she had the "pleasure" of learning about children's computer coding initiatives during her visit.

Though the queen doesn't have her own personal Instagram account, her royal staff keeps the world abreast of her activities under the royal family's account, which boasts nearly 6 million followers.

The Royal Household says Queen Elizabeth II's new social media manager should be comfortable with posting content that would be viewed by millions.

"It's finding new ways to maintain The Queen's presence in the public eye and on the world stage. This is what makes working for the Royal Household exceptional," the job posting states.


The gig also comes with other perks including a 15 percent employer contribution pension scheme after six months, 33 days annual leave and free lunch, among other benefits.

You can apply for the position through the Royal Household website or LinkedIn. But if you want the job, you better hurry — according to LinkedIn, more than 200 people have already applied and the deadline for applications is May 26.