Q&A: Getting Attention From a VC

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Q: What's the best way to get attention from a VC fund? I sent in a business plan but haven't received any response. Any suggestions?

A: Medium- and large-size venture capital funds receive dozens of new business plans each week. Most of these plans are added to the general business plan "slush pile" for reading by interns or lower-level analysts … when they get to them. The best way to get attention from a decision-making partner is to get a referral from a colleague in the fund’s broader business network. Ideal contacts can include law firms that represent the venture fund, board members of the fund’s portfolio companies, or portfolio company senior executives. Be creative, but professional. Entrepreneurs who go the extra mile to research and connect to the venture fund’s professional ecosystem demonstrate their commitment to "do whatever it takes" to succeed. That’s a great first impression for first-time fundraisers.

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