Puerto Rico's governor responds to the Jones Act waiver expiring


The Jones Act waiver for Puerto Rico expired Sunday night and it will not be renewed, according to the Department of Homeland Security.

The Trump administration had previously issued the waiver to lift the shipping law on Sept. 28 to fulfill essential needs after the island was pounded by not one but two hurricanes leaving residents without water, food, power, and fuel shortages.

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However, Puerto Rico’s governor Ricardo Rossello told FOX Business on “After the Bell,” that while he thinks there needs to be further consideration for an extension, he hasn’t gotten a chance to protest the waiver with President Trump yet. “I think we’re in a situation that merits a little bit of an extension so we can see and we can mitigate what is still a life-saving phase of this emergency,” Rossello said.

The Puerto Rican governor also said that in his understanding, that the Trump administration was going to look at the Jones Act litigation from a “case to case basis to make sure it was not causing a hindrance.”

“Still there needs to be some discussion but I haven’t had it on this topic yet. I’m trying to focus on the immediate relief package from Congress to Puerto Rico,” he said.

Rossello, who has only been in office a little more than eight months, said he has also executed “the most aggressive fiscal agenda in the nation” to help Puerto Rico get out of debt.

“I have slashed what was $4 billion of our budget and that represents 20% of our budget and I slashed 20% of political appointments to our government. I have established a fiscal plan and I have opened the doors for economic growth in the private sector to participate within our efforts in our society.”

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