Premier FBI cybersquad to add agents after successfully taking on world's top online threats

The FBI's premier cybersquad in Pittsburgh has taken on some of the biggest cyberthreats in the world. Because of its success, the office is getting more agents and cases.

Former federal prosecutor Bruce Antkowiak says the cybersquad's unprecedented growth mean it will likely become involved in cases that could redefine the legal concepts of privacy.

Special-Agent-in-Charge Scott Smith says the squad has developed "a model approach to investigating and preventing cybercrime" by partnering with prosecutors, private tech business and academics.

Such networking resulted in Scottish cyberterrorist Adam Stuart Busby being indicted on charges of emailing bomb threats to the University of Pittsburgh in 2012.

FBI Director James Comey acknowledges that tracking emails makes questions of civil liberties increasingly important but says those issues are as old as the agency.