Popsicle Company: Permits Were Huge Startup Issue

Small Business Spotlight: SocialIce, @SocialIceInc

Who: Mike Seyfried

What: An alcoholic popsicle company

When: 2011

Where: Dallas, Texas

How: With no experience in the food or beverage industry, Mike Seyfried got the idea for an alcoholic popsicle and simply ran with it.

“They’re wine-based popsicles, all-natural, in two flavors: mimosa and sangria. Both have real pieces of fruit,” says Seyfried, who sells the popsicles at events for between $5 and $6.

Two weeks ago, the company received an investment from a family friend, which Seyfried hopes will enable an expansion to venues like baseball parks and music festivals.

Biggest challenge: “Getting permits took seven to eight months and was a huge hurdle, simply because of getting the alcohol license,” says Seyfried. He says the idea of an alcoholic popsicle raised eyebrows in Texas.

One moment in time: Seyfried is proudest of starting the company from scratch and teaching himself the ropes in the industry.

Best business advice: “Don’t give up too much equity!” says Seyfried.