Plug In, Sign Up, & Click Play

Plugged In

Stay connected this holiday season with free Wi-Fi. Google (GOOG) is offering free Wi-Fi service at 54 different airports through January 15. Google’s got you covered from Albany to Orlando, Seattle to Houston, and many places in between. Check out for a complete list. And while you’re there, don’t forget to click the “Virgin America” tab. There you’ll find where you can get free Wi-Fi from your window seat while enjoying the in-flight movie at cruising altitude.

Cleaning House

The home essentials Web site,, is offering gift cards for all your favorite people. She’s like the Alice from the Brady Bunch, friendly and ever-reliable, but is always working to save you a trip to the store. She’s always there with free shipping, great prices, and non-stop coupons on your household items, whether it’s toilet paper, tooth paste, Clorox wipes, or hairspray. Co-founded by Brian Wiegand and Mark McGuire, reminds you when you’re about to run out of your essentials, and keeps track of what you buy so she knows which coupons and discounts you’ll actually use. You can start an account for free today at

Posen on Target

We told you about Zac Posen’s new less-formal line, “Z Spoke” available at several Saks Fifth Avenue (SKS) stores and online. Now Zac Posen is teaming up with Target (TGT) for the retailer’s limited edition designs. You’ll be able to find Posen’s version of Go International at Target stores and online this spring. While his custom ball gowns usually fetch up to $20,000, and a “Z Spoke” t-shirt will cost you $80, the pieces in his Target line will likely start at $14.99.

Gaming Throwback

Atari Classic Games, now available at a Web site near you. The newly-designed Web site is THE source for accessing past favorites – such as Asteroids and Lunar Lander – for free. You can play the arcade, read up on new releases, and buy games, all in one place. The games offered are available for a variety of platforms, from the iPhone to your XBOX 360. Right now you can sign up to win a limited edition Atari t-shirt, and for a limited time you can get free shipping on orders of $60 and up.

Just for Pets

Bring Fido into PETCO for a visit with Santa. This Saturday, December 5, the pet shop chain will offer free photos from 11am to 4pm at stores across the country. If you can’t make it this Saturday, you can visit Santa on December 12. It’ll cost you $8.95 plus tax, but $5 will be donated to the PETCO foundation to help fuzzy friends without a home this holiday. And if you’re looking for some outdoor fun with your four-legged friend, a new Web site finds dog-friendly parks in several cities. Just visit The site is still growing, so if you find a place in your neighborhood and want to share it with the rest of us, just click “add a location” and a dollar will be donated to the San Francisco SPCA. The site also contains tips for dog owners, along with photos of favorite pets.