Planned Parenthood Rakes in Record $542M in Taxpayer Support

Last year about this time, Planned Parenthood was in the headlines after the Susan G. Komen foundation cut off funding from the not-for-profit.

For its part, Komen said Planned Parenthood was doing fewer and fewer mammograms, and breast cancer screening was Komen's primary reason for funding the organization.

Komen is the nation's primary advocate for the prevention of breast cancer.

Planned Parenthood’s president said she couldn't understand how Komen "could have bowed to this kind of bullying," presumably from anti-abortion advocates.

And that was one of the nicer comments. Other women called Komen's move "disgusting" and "acts of cowardice."

Ultimately, the Komen foundation changed its mind, but not until after some of the most brutal women-on-women name calling I’ve ever heard.

Which brings me to today. Planned Parenthood, which prefers to be described as a women's health organization rather than the go-to abortion source it’s largely known as -- is reporting a record year for both abortions and taxpayer funding.

Here are the numbers: Planned Parenthood performed almost 334,000 abortions during the last 12-month period, up from around 329,000 in 2010.

And, it had a record year when it comes to government funding.

An analysis done by a pro-life group shows the organization got a record $542 million in taxpayer money by way of government grants, contracts and Medicaid reimbursements.

That's almost half of the organization's budget.

Ultimately, Komen reversed its stance and gave Planned Parenthood money because the outcry was so fierce and ferocious.

But what today's record budget reveals is Planned Parenthood isn't under duress, certainly not financial duress.

So next time you hear Planned Parenthood is being held back in some way by anti-abortion advocates or others -- don't believe it. They are doing just fine -- in fact, they're doing better than ever.