Pets Luck Out This Holiday Season

There is at least one group that won't be left empty-handed, or pawed, this holiday season. According to a recent survey, more than half of pet owners in America plan on giving their pets a gift this holiday season, regardless of their economic situation.

The poll from the AP and found fifty-three percent of respondents said they plan to give their pets a gift this year, up 1% from last year. Even those families who were touched by job loss in the past six months (56%) said they still plan on buying something for their animals.

The survey also found that renters (66%) are more likely to give their pets a gift than homeowners (49%).

Female pet owners will be the ones picking out the presents, with 56% of females respondents saying they plan to shop for their furry friends compared to 49% of male pet owners.

However, it seems more dogs than cats will untying bows this year: 56% of dog owners report they plan to buy their pet a gift, compared to 48% of cat owners.

Finally, the survey found that less than half of pet owners who are active in their religion by attending services at least once a week will be giving gifts to their animals.