Peter Morici blasts University of Maryland: College is too expensive, bloated and inefficient

University of Maryland Professor Peter Morici said the skyrocketing cost of higher education is creating an “underclass of state college graduates who are in perpetual debt.”

“People are paying too much for higher education," Morici told the FOX Business Network. "From the very top to the very bottom—community colleges all the way on up to Harvard and Cornell and the rest have become too expensive too bloated, too inefficient and frankly don’t do a very good job."

When asked whether the University of Maryland was excluded, the professor of international business said, “I’ve got to be an equal opportunity critic.”

“The University of Maryland and I have a strange relationship. When I came up from emeritus professor one out of four professors in my college voted against me because they said I was saying things that were bad for the college. It is not legitimate to criticize them on these kinds of issues apparently. Oh no, I haven’t left them out at all,” he said.

He called out the university over their spending practices.

“We’ve spent tons of money on political correctness at my university. Can you possibly believe that certain groups are any longer disadvantaged at a place like that? Yet we have new commissions every day, new hires every day to promote those issues. It’s absurd,” he said.