Pete Rose’s Investigator Says Tom Brady was ‘Ambushed’ by Goodell

Attorney and lead investigator in Pete Rose’s gambling ban John Dowd is “troubled” by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s decision to uphold Tom Brady’s four-game suspension.

“It appears that they ambushed Tom Brady,” he said.

Dowd argues that Tom Brady is being convicted and suspended for an offense that he had no notice of.

“He was not suspended for failing to produce his telephone. If you read The Wells Report, it was based on alleged tampering and the text information. It wasn’t until he got on appeal that he was advised for the first time that his failure to produce the phone was a separate charge -- and that is a gross violation of fundamental fairness and due process if you will,” he said.

Dowd speculates that the report was weak.

“The scientific evidence had been gutted by all kinds of independent experts and the standard they used was ridiculous and most of all, I’m not sure what this is all about, apparently every team does this, and every officiating crew has their own way of measuring it -- so, this is a case without any standards at all,” he said.