Pete Rose’s Investigator: It’s Time for New Leadership in the NFL

During an interview on FOX Business Network’s Mornings with Maria, John Dowd, Attorney and lead investigator in Pete Rose’s gambling ban, discussed why he agreed with the decision to erase Tom Brady’s four-game suspension and why it’s time for new leadership in the NFL.

“It’s so fundamental. Notice the right to confront witnesses, the right to have evidence etc… Judge Berman did a masterful job of exposing the deficiencies in the commissioner’s ruling… I think it’s time for some new leadership in the NFL,” he said.

Dowd said the NFL tarnished Tom Brady’s image.

“They got it wrong from beginning to end and hurt Tom Brady forever… This is always going to be part of his legacy I’m afraid,” he said.

He also shared his perspective on NFL leadership.

“You can’t run a league, you can’t maintain good discipline if people don’t have confidence in the system if it’s not fair, honest or transparent. Those are the keys… but you’ve got to have the right leader and if you don’t have the right leader it’s not going to get done,” he said.