Pet Lovers Work Hard to Perfect Franchise Model

Small Business Spotlight: FlipFlop Dogs, @FlipFlopDogsWho: Taffy MiltzWhat: A canine hosting franchiseWhen: 2011Where: Cleveland, OhioHow: “It’s an alternative to kenneling,” says founder Taffy Miltz. “What we actually do is arrange for customers’ dogs to stay in the home of a companion family while away. We also provide transportation to and from customers’ homes.” Miltz says there’s currently two FlipFlop locations: one in Cleveland and one in Georgia. The inspiration for the company was Miltz’s own history with dogs. “Trying to kennel your dog is not always fun,” says Miltz. To provide peace of mind, FlipFlop Dogs screens, interviews and conducts background checks on all of the companion families.Biggest challenge: “We wanted to perfect the model before launching,” says Miltz, who says the process took a couple of years to get right.One moment in time:  “My favorite thing is when you see a dog run out to the FlipFlop vehicle – it’s pretty amazing,” says Miltz.Best business advice: “Do something you’re passionate about. It makes life less stressful to do something you love,” says Miltz.