Overcoming the Challenge to Attract Major Retailers

Small Business Spotlight: UrgentRX

Who: Jordan Eisenberg

What: Fast-acting OTC drugs in a powder form that slip into your wallet

When: 2012

Where: Denver, Colorado

How: Founder Jordan Eisenberg says that with UrgentRX, he was trying to fill a gap in the market for on-the-go relief. “Ailments don’t happen at home or in a pharmacy, and people don’t carry medicine cabinets around,” he says.

So, he set out to create an on-the-go treatment that could be easily carried and ingested.

“Powders work faster than pills, and you don’t need a liquid. This is important, because you may not have a liquid present. It’s difficult to choke down a pill – especially if you’re having a heart attack!” says Eisenberg.

UrgentRX has raised over $7 million dollars in venture funding.

Biggest challenge: “It’s difficult for a little consumer goods company to get major retailers’ attention,” says Eisenberg. “They’re risk averse – it’s easier to say no than it is to say yes.”

One moment in time: Eisenberg says that getting calls that his product has actually saved lives is his proudest achievement. “I can’t think of anything cooler than that!”

Best business advice: “Everything will take twice as long and cost twice as much, so prepare accordingly.”

Most influential book: “Secrets from an Inventor’s Notebook,” by Maurice Kanbar. Eisenberg says that he read the book, and then called Kanbar once a month for two years until Kanbar gave him a job. Kanbar is an entrepreneur who created SKYY vodka, among other inventions.