Outpouring of condolences to father who sang to dying infant son days after his wife's death

With his infant son clinging to life, Chris Picco picked up a guitar and sang softly to the boy, urging him to "mend those broken wings and learn to fly."

Video of Picco performing the Beatles' ballad "Blackbird" in an intensive care ward was posted online and captured the Internet's heart. It just as quickly broke that heart when Lennon Picco died Tuesday.

The boy's mother, Ashley Picco, was taken to a hospital in Loma Linda, 60 miles east of Los Angeles, last week when she became ill. She died after Lennon was born 16 weeks premature.

A funeral for both is Saturday.

Chris Picco is a musician with his church's youth ministry.

He says Lennon would move in his mother's womb when he heard music, so it made sense to bring it into his life.