Out of Control Government Spending Continues

It turns out; stopping the federal government from spending money is harder than stopping the snow from falling. That's what we saw in Washington D.C. today, and true to form the government sent everybody home for a day off with pay.

Suffice it to say our very own, Peter Barnes, made it in to work, as did lots of others who work for business. According to the A.P., the snowstorm has largely bypassed the nation’s capital, with less than an inch of precipitation falling at Reagan National Airport by midday.  Apparently, it was mostly rain.

In addition to the snow day, there was spending at the TSA, even as Janet Napolitano warned of long lines at airports and opened the doors to illegal aliens. In its wisdom, the federal government spent $50 million on new uniforms for agents. Some uniforms will undoubtedly be produced in Mexico, adding insult to injury.

And then there's this.

This White House employs a calligrapher for $96,000 a year. Further, this person is the Chief Calligrapher, and she has two deputies who make nearly as much! Mr. President, in these tough times of austerity, have you not heard of Evite? It’s an invitation system that uses the web, not fancy writers. It's considered very 21st century to send invitations this way. I am sure the Heads of State you have to the white house wouldn’t mind at all!

You have to ask yourself: how can we how can we motivate the President to get serious about cutting spending? What do we have to do? Congressman Louie Gohmert has an idea that just might work.

Gohmert filed an amendment for the continuing resolution bill to keep government funded that would bar Obama from traveling to a golf course on the public dime.

Since the President can't get anywhere without public expense, for example, the cost of transportation or the secret service detail that follows him around, it's impossible for him to make it to a golf course without spending public funds. Isn't that the appropriate way to react to the fiscal crisis that the President has called both "draconian" and "drastic?" How about laying-off the golf until things gets better?

Now, that's thinking- hit 'em where it matters.

By the way, just in case you are worried that Uncle Sam will go broke or waste away to nothing, just remember tax revenues are expected to rise this year to $2.7 trillion, 11% higher than last year, and the highest level on record since the recession started in 2007.

Don't worry; it's all going to be okay. No Armageddon. The sun will come up tomorrow.